(1985~1992) SMS MY TOP 고전게임 겜보이 マスターシステム集

ENGLISH / KOREAN / JAPANESE / (SIZE) 1985 Choplifter / 초프 리프터 / チョップリフター (SEGA CARD) 1985 Transbot / 아스트로 플래쉬 / アストロフラッシュ …
2011-03-09 12:57:28

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  1. 요런 게임들 에뮬은 어디서 구하셨나요?? 전 메가 드라이브로 했는데 위 게임들 중 즐겼던 게임이 많이 보여서 구해서 해보려구용

  2. 9분 40초 스케이트 소녀

  3. セ~ガ~

  4. 게임도고전 이영상도고전

  5. 국민학생때 겜보이있었는데… 당시에 패밀리가진친구가 재미있는겜 더 많았음…(그리고 패밀리 게임들은 게임오버되도 컨티뉴가있었는데 ㅅ겜보이는 자비가없었음 ㅋㅋㅋ)그때까진 겜보이가 비싸기만한 패밀리보다 구린 게임기인줄알았는데… 지금 다시보니 생각보다 소프트 많았고…. 사양도 더 뛰어난것같네요 그래픽 깨끗하고…(당시에…S.D.I ,쿵후,알렉스키드,화랑의검,트리포메이션 썬더블레이드 있었음)

  6. 추억의 게임기

  7. 음.. 대부분의 게임들은 다 세가에서 만들었군요.

  8. my childhood…

  9. Lol size sega card

  10. Congrats!
    Samsung Gameboy which were once a common sight are now becoming rare here.

  11. I just bought a Samsung Gameboy at Dongdaemun market. Really like it!

  12. Korea's formally-released(Samsung,Oacs,Hicom) SMS Games are about under 100.
    and this Video made by Korea's SMS Game Market standards.
    So.I think this Video leaves much to be desired. 🙂

  13. Pierrot De lannéeQuatreVingt

    Wow first time i see a "TOP¨of" on youtube who are nor shitty and realy my top too

  14. @thadea sensible design ^^

  15. lol @ my hero cover art

  16. @wartax5 Please consult this~

    Korea's 'Game Boy' followed the appearance of Japan's Master system.
    So Korea's Game Cartridge is compatible with Japan.
    But'Game Boy' has No FM sound like the Power Base. ^^

  17. @huhongh No problem. Also, your Power Base is very nice – distributed by Samsung, just like Genesis/MegaDrive. The controller looks interesting too. I also imagine your system has FM sound like the Japanese Master System.

  18. @wartax5 you're right.
    I Forgot Light Phaser games.
    Thank you for sharing that ~

  19. Nice list, lots of great games.
    No Light Phaser games though, good ones like Gangster Town and Operation Wolf.

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